ITTelkom Surabaya was officially established on September 4th by Higher Education Ministry Decree about ITTelkom Surabaya establishment. In the beginning, there are seven program that launched by ITTelkom Surabaya, there are Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering which home by Electrical Technology Faculty. The other four are Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Information System, and Software Engineering, which home by Information and Industry Technology Faculty.

Industrial Engineering Department of ITTelkom Surabaya has seven lecturers. First lecturer is Dominggo Bayu Baskara, which also Industrial Engineering Department Head of ITTelkom Surabaya. He has specialization on Feasibility Study for start-up company. Next lecturer is Wahyu Andy. He has specialization on Industrial Decision Support System. Next two lecturers are Sinta Dewi and Abduh Sayid Albana. Sinta Dewi has specialization on Supply Chain Management, while Abduh has specialization on Operation Research. He also had finished his doctoral degree on Grenoble-Alpes France and made him the first and youngest doctor at ITTelkom Surabaya. The rest three lecturers are Rahaditya Dimas Priadianto, Benzair Imam, and Rizqa Amelia. Rahaditya has specialization on Industrial System and Operation while Rizqa has specialization on Industrial Marketing and Management. Last but not least, Benazir has specialization on Manufacturing system and Product Development.

Industrial Engineering Department of ITTelkom Surabaya commit to give the best educational services for ITTelkom Surabaya Student. Maritime, Transportation, and Logistic are specific area that will be explored by Industrial Engineering Department of ITTelkom Surabaya and distinguished it from another Industrial Engineering Department in Indonesia. After all put optimize, precise, reliable on your life guys!