Organizational Structure of Industrial Engineering Department
ITTelkom Surabaya

Picture shown above is the organizational structure of ITTelkom Surabaya. Currently, Industrial Engineering Department ITTelkom Surabaya is lead by Abduh Sayid Albana. He had his Doctoral Degree from Grenoble-Alpes in France. He has a big concern on research development in Industrial Engineering area. Sinta Dewi support the organization with her role as department secretary. Beside her role in IE Deparment, she also help admission for ITTelkom Surabaya. After Head and Secretary Position, there are several Coordinator in various area. First is Cooperation Coordinator that led by Dominggo Bayu. He also Director of Marketing Communication for ITTelkom Surabaya. Second is Media Coordinator that led by Rizqa Amelia. Not only media coordinator in IE Depatment, but she also led Media and Content Section Head on Marketing Communication Directory under Dominggo Bayu Supervisory. Next, there is Wahyu Andy who leads Quality Assurance on IE Department. He responsible for Department Accreditation and also Quality Assesment such as ISO. The rest two are Student Advisory and Research Group and community service. Rahaditya Dimas is the coordinator of student advisory centre. He responsible for Student Organization activity and development in IE Department. Last but not least is Benazir Imam as coordinator of Research Group and Community Service in IE Department. He also responsible for two laboratories, which are Ergonomics Laboratory and Production System Laboratory. He control and monitor usage and student activity on those two labs.