One of anticipated event for “job seeker” and government owned company to promote their business process was already held on early october. Unlike from previous year, the third IBD Expo was taken place on Grand City Convention and Exhibition Hall in Surabaya. There were so many government owned company took part on that event. Game, event, voucher, and production exposure are displayed as shown off tool for its company. There were abundant job seeker on that place. Government owned company still had its own magic to attract job seeker to enroll and work on.

Interestingly, most of job vacancy need industrial engineer to fulfill position their offered. Government owned company from various business areas, all need industrial engineering bachelor.

It can be seen from picture shown above that various company were asking industrial engineer to be placed on various position on their company. First picture, AirNav Indonesia, that had business process on aviation business, need applicant that had industrial engineering backgorund to fulfill its job application. So does AirNav, PTPN and also Bulog, company that had business process on logistic and agriculture, need industrial engineering bachelor as well. While, manufacturing company like Barata Indonesia also need industrial engineer to be placed as Production and Planning Control (PPIC) on its company. It can be concluded that Industrial Engineering still on market on this year, and can be projected this trend still ongoing next year. Do you interest to work on government owned company? Come and join to Industrial Engineering of ITTelkom Surabaya First!