October 23rd become a memento for ITTelkom Surabaya Industrial Engineering Student since the first day of study has been officially started. First Lecture is Basic Physic Course that brought by Mr Benazir. In this meeting, enthusiasm from new IE student is clear to be seen. Mr Benazir explained about syllabus and course contract that must be obey by student. On that meeting, introduction to physics and several important physic function is delivered and followed by several question from student.

Generally, In 2018 intake, ITTelkom Surabaya accepted 20 students from various region and various high school in Indonesia. Interestingly, new IE student are not only from general high school, but also from high school with vocational purpose, in example engineering vocational high school and accountant vocational high school. Most of them are from surabaya, sidoarjo and several cities in east java. Besides, there are also several student that come from outside east java, such as Balikpapan and Jayapura.

IE Lecturer had a huge expectation on first class of IE student in order to keep the spirit high to study on ITTelkom Surabaya, especially in Industrial Engineering Department. Furthermore, they can graduate from this campus with a great result on their study and achieve great career as well.